Epic Instagram Hangovers

#hangover — We’ve all had one, but these brave souls actually posted their dehydrated misery on Instagram … or had photos of them posted by their heartless friends. We scoured the social media photo sharing app to look for the best #hungover photos, and they’re awesome. Enjoy, and remember, misery loves company.

This girl literally spells out how she’s feeling. #respect


This poor girl clearly couldn’t make it long enough to enjoy whatever greasy goodness she just ordered


This dude probably should have just called in sick — sleeping on a stockroom floor looks less than ideal.


That time you passed out taking a selfie


In her defense, she isn’t technically behind the wheel #safetyfirst


Now this we can get behind, if you’re going to pass out, it may as well be on the beach.


Don’t judge — Dressing yourself is no easy task when you’re fighting an epic hangover.


Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that this man is not actually a medical professional.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Some things should never make it on to social media … lucky for us, this did.




#TBT to that time your friend photographed you passed out in a bathroom stall and posted it online.


This guy is clearly a champion: He woke up hungover in a bra, threw on some shades and gave the camera his best Derek Zoolander.


Let’s all pause to appreciate the visual aids this guy took the time to add to his photo pointing out last night’s battle wounds.


What do you do when you’re really hungover? Take an extreme close up, duck face selfie … obvs.


This woman appears to have completely given up and we think she is crying #thestruggleisreal


From the looks of it, this girl is mid morning-after puke. It’s okay, she probably felt wayyy better after.


This guy is taking his hangover like a boss … a giant, panda, boss.

Adam Callinan

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