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The Blog

The Evolution of an Epic Hangover

Adam Callinan

A hangover usually starts out with the best of intentions, how it finishes is another story. We’re looking at the evolution of an epic hangover. You have a long day, and think, ‘why not have a drink?‘ The first one goes down so well that a second, or third drink sounds like a great idea Before you know it, you’re the life of the party And elect yourself President of Alcohol Somewhere around 2am, it gets ugly Life gets real dark when you wake up the next morning And you are suddenly very aware of your own mortality When you...

POPSUGAR Lifestyle Expert, Brandi Milloy appeared on KTLA 5 Morning News with some amazing gift ideas for Father’s Day — including BottleKeeper! Check out Brandi's great gift guide in the clip below.

Epic Instagram Hangovers

Adam Callinan

#hangover — We’ve all had one, but these brave souls actually posted their dehydrated misery on Instagram … or had photos of them posted by their heartless friends. We scoured the social media photo sharing app to look for the best #hungover photos, and they’re awesome. Enjoy, and remember, misery loves company. This girl literally spells out how she’s feeling. #respect   This poor girl clearly couldn’t make it long enough to enjoy whatever greasy goodness she just ordered   This dude probably should have just called in sick — sleeping on a stockroom floor looks less than ideal.  ...

Long Time No Talk!

Adam Callinan

Well hello there fellow cold beer enthusiast! It feels like it's been months, maybe even years (not really, just months) since I've last posted through our lovely blog here at BottleKeeper and I must say, what a crazy couple of months it's been! I couldn't be more thrilled at the progress we've made here at BottleKeeper, just dominating those sissy beer koozies everywhere we go, with sales continuing to ramp up with the impending holidays and a few additional add-ons that you may have noticed -- NFL and NCAA decals, as well as BK Bottle Openers. Are you interested in some...

A Pleasant Surprise...

Adam Callinan

Here at BottleKeeper we're just pumped about the response we've been fortunate to get from cold beer enthusiasts around the world. As the weather heats up, which seems to have already happened in most Northern hemisphere locales, more and more Brewtis the BottleKeepers are hitting the beach, boats, golf courses and pools which, in turn, means that more people are seeing Brewtis in action and following their heartfelt desires to have one (or twelve) of their very own. As it stands right now, we're unfortunately backordered. I say unfortunately because if you're ordering a BottleKeeper or two, you're not going to...