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The Blog

Kickin Ass & Changin Names

Adam Callinan

  I've gotta tell you...we've been working diligently to get BottleCamo made and in your hands for a number of months now, and we're close. Real close. We're about to receive our prototype units from the manufacturer and, after having seen a number of pictures from the other side of the world, we're excited like kids at Christmas. Within the first day of receiving these units, we will have done some serious testing and shipped a number of them out to publications that are eagerly awaiting their own for a written review. But there's a problem... We've read the articles...

Colder Beer is Better

Adam Callinan

Over the past few months, my cousin Matt and I have been working diligently to put together both a fun and utility product that could make one small part of life a bit better. As a beer consumer and enthusiast, there really isn't much worse than trying to drink a warm beer. In all honesty, I'd rather pour it out than attempt to choke it down. I fully realize that this might be blasphemous to many beer enthusiasts but it's true, I'd sacrifice it to the ants. BottleKeeper's Conception - BottleKeeper was born from a pretty simple concept but it wasn't...