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Some FAQs...

Which Beer Bottles Fit?
We have 3 BottleKeeper sizes in order to accommodate a wide array of beer bottles -- the 12 oz Standard, 12 oz Stubby and 22 oz Bomber. To see the bottles that will fit in the various sizes of BottleKeeper, click here

What's Ship Timing?
Orders placed before 1 PM PST are typically shipped within 1 business day. During exceptionally high order times (i.e. holidays), it may take an extra day to get your order out the door but we promise we are working as fast as we can to get your order to you :)

The shipping options that you'll find at checkout are in addition to the date your order will ship. For example: if you place your order on a Tuesday at 2:15 PM PST and choose "2-3 Day Express" shipping at checkout, your order will ship by Wednesday and take 2-3 days from then.

You'll receive an email with your tracking info on the day your order ships, so you can keep tabs on where it's at. If you don't receive the email, check your spam folder and reach out to us at

Is BK In Retail Yet?
As we've grown our still young company, we've focused on bringing BottleKeeper​ directly to cold beer lovin' consumers nationwide via, which allows us to ensure that you have the best experience possible and can communicated directly with us for any questions or needs that may arise. So, as of now, we're selling BottleKeeper​ almost exclusively at BottleKeeper​.com.​​​

We do have some limited retail expansion plans coming though, so stay tuned!

How About on Amazon?
You'll find a few older versions of BottleKeeper 1.0 on Amazon (not powder coated, no opener in the cap or tether) but not any of our fancy shmancy new products. There are lots of reasons for this, including the huge list of knock-off and patent infringement challenges that come selling on other platforms...

BK 1.0 versus BK 2.0?
Well, quite a lot! The 2.0 was born from the feedback of tens of thousands of fellow cold beer enthusiasts and has an bottle opener that's built into the cap, a tether to keep the cap attached to the BottleKeeper and a powder coated finish, which is uber durable, sweat proof and just plain sexy.