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Beer Delivery By Drone - BeerME! by BottleKeeper


After revolutionizing cold beer consumption with the launch of the original BottleKeeper in 2013, we're pumped to announce our latest cold beer lovin' innovation: introducing BeerMe!  The first beer delivery service via drone.  Using BottleKeeper’s cutting edge and proprietary tech to keep your beer cold and protected, we can now provide you with an on-demand beer delivery service using state-of-the-art and uber fancy drones. I mean, pretty much everyone knows that drones are the safest, fastest and coolest way to do anything. By combining a BottleKeeper, a cold beer, and a drone, we've basically created the most amazing and innovative product ever, in the history of products. It's science.

"Getting cold beer delivered anywhere in the United States in under 5 minutes has been a dream of mine since I was a much younger man. I am honored and excited that we have been able to make this dream come true for trillions of beer drinkers nationwide. This will, without a doubt, be the greatest thing ever. Period!" - Michael Boomshakalaka,  VP BottleKeeper Labs

Welcome to the future of beer.  






Got you good. April fools.