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Without further ado, the #BYOBottleKeeper action shot $500 winners are...

But wait, there's more...

We were and are absolutely overwhelmed by the enormous number of amazing BottleKeeper action shots that poured in over the course of this exceptional warm beer hating challenge. So we're extending it for another 5 days starting, well, today.

So over the next 5 days you can continue to post your schweet BottleKeeper action shots using #BYOBottleKeeper, following and tagging us @BottleKeeper, and we'll make the difficult choice of 5 more winners, whom will win 100 American dollars (that's $100).

If you've already entered but didn't win, no need to fret, you're still in the running. But now you have a chance to step up your game over the holiday/Labor Day weekend. Contest will end 9/6/16.

Good luck fellow cold beer lovin' brethren!!!

Let's get postin'!