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The Cousins

Yep, We're Cousins... we've got that going for us, which is nice.




...tends to prefer the heavier IPA's and has found that if he runs in place while drinking them, he'll only gain 4 lbs per week. Not bad. Adam also likes spending some serious time at the beach, while enjoying the downtime and working diligently on his computer. His wife Katie thinks he has a problem. It's probably true.





...has been commonly known to drink ice cold Miller Light while eating a plain chicken sandwich with nothing else on it. Seriously, if a tomato ends up on that sandwich, bad things happen. Matt also enjoys sports and playing golf. One time, Matt decided to change his swing, played left handed, and cut 3 strokes off his round. Genius.





...although young, has developed quite an attitude. He's even been heard saying things like, "if you try to put that wine cooler inside me, I'm going to put it inside you" and "touch my burger and I'm going to punch you in your beer hole". He did subsequently punch that guy in his 'beer hole'. Let's just say that he's serious about cold beer and all activities that accompany cold beer. Other than that, we wouldn't twist his lid too much...