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The Rumors Are True, We're Hiring!

But we're not just hiring for the sake of hiring, that's not how we roll. Instead we're looking for the best of the best, the creme de la creme -- not completely sure what that means but it seemed appropriate -- because it's only with these types of folks that we're going to continue to excel at our pursuit of warm beer eradication -- and world domination, of course.

Our team is active and purposeful, which means that we wear a lot of hats, we operate with intent that is directed toward the common vision and we're constantly learning and evolving. Matt even just finished growing a set of gills -- he's evolved a lot over the past 12 months. 

These are a few current vacancies in our expanding BottleKeeper team:

Content Creation/Development (Los Angeles Office) - Leveraging some serious artistic abilities to develop and create awesome still and video content that can be used across the various BottleKeeper ad platforms.

Social Media and Influencer Manager (Los Angeles Office) - Pulling the levers on the BottleKeeper social accounts and posting all kinds of hilarious stuff, while also reaching out to and managing some influencers that fit the BottleKeeper brand of amazingness. 

Think we might be a fit to work together on these current vacancies or some other position that we haven't even thought of? Schweet! Please shoot us an email at and don't forget to include some details on you and your story -- so like your resume, maybe a cover letter, definitely a hilarious anecdote, etc.