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Refer your friends, Get $$$

All you gotta do is...

1. Click the "Let's get earning!" button below or the rewards orange button in the bottom right corner, then enter your name and email.

2. Next, select how you want to share: via Email, Facebook or your custom Link -- then follow the simple instructions! Be sure to tell your peeps that they'll get a discount off their first purchase! 

3. When they use your email, facebook post or custom link to make a BottleKeeper purchase at BottleKeeper.com and use the discount code to make a BottleKeeper purchase, you'll get a credit automatically sent your way -- you'll get an email when that happens.  

You can then use the code to get $$$ off on your next BottleKeeper order. And yep, it's unlimited! You refer 11 friends that make their first time BottleKeeper purchase, you'll earn $ each time!


Let's get earning!


The fine print: In order to get credit, the buyer must be new to BottleKeeper (meaning they haven't already made a purchase or have an account with us), use your referral email, facebook post or link and enter the %-off discount code when they make a purchase -- you will not get the referral credit if they don't use the %-off discount code because we don't have a way to track it. And no, you can't just refer yourself, we notice that kind of stuff. Discount codes cannot be applied to shipping, tax or the use of other discount codes. Referral credits are awarded on a "per order" basis, not "per product". Only one discount code can be applied per order and no, you can't set up a business around getting referral credits in order to resell the free products -- that ain't cool.

We reserve the right, at our sole and absolute discretion, to decline the receipt or use of referral discount codes if we believe there to be any funny business. And being that the point of the referral program is to refer NEW warm beer haters to BottleKeeper, please don't just post your referral link on our BottleKeeper Facebook page/posts or our other social media pages/posts, which are clearly intended for our current fanbase/community -- these people already know about us, so aren't a new referral. If this happens, we might have to ban you from posting on our social pages/posts, which would be a real bummer :(

Did you previously have BK points in a rewards account? 

Note that we must wind down the old points system in exchange for this newer, more simple referral program. That said, we'll absolutely honor the points that you've earned! Please click here to login to that rewards system to use the remaining points in your account by 12/15/2017. Reach out to us at support@BottleKeeper.com if you have any questions!