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Refer a Friend, Earn a BottleKeeper

All you gotta do is...

1. Create an account or login

2. Once logged in, click the button "YOUR REWARDS ACCOUNT". Then "Earn More BK Points" and "Refer a Friend".

Next, grab your custom link and copy and paste it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or email it friends and family. Be sure to tell them that they'll get a 10% off discount code! 

3. When they use your link to get to and use the 10% off discount code to make a BottleKeeper purchase, you'll get 2399 points automatically credited to your account -- you'll get an email when that happens.  

You can then use the 2399 earned points to get a $23.99 discount code on your next BottleKeeper order. 

Get Started

You'll also earn points for your purchases, which is pretty schweet. It works like this: once you have an account and are logged in, you'll earn 10 points each $1 you spend on a BottleKeeper purchase, which can be used to purchase a discount code for a future BottleKeeper order.

For example: $50 spent will earn 500 points, which you can use to buy a $5 discount code for your next order -- so it's like getting 10% back. Literally.


*The fine print: In order to get credit, the buyer must be new to BottleKeeper (meaning they haven't already made a purchase or have an account with us), use your referral link and enter the 10% discount code when they make a purchase -- you will not get the referral credit if they don't use the 10% discount code because we don't have a way to track it. And no, you can't just refer yourself, we notice that kind of stuff. Discount codes and credits cannot be earned from or applied to shipping, tax or the use of other discount codes. Referral credits are awarded on a "per order" basis, not "per product". Only one discount code can be applied per order and points cannot be earned from or used on wholesale orders. We reserve the right, at our sole and absolute discretion, to decline the receipt or use of referral credits if we feel there's any funny business.